Awesome First Date Questions to Ask as a Senior


No matter how old someone is, that first date is going to be an interesting one, and not always for the best reasons. First dates have always been known for causing anxiety and even distress for people.

Granted you may not be a bunch of nerves that you were when you would go out on a first date as a teen, it still can be a little unsettling for a senior dater.

The first date is time for people to get to know one another. You’ll probably have plenty of questions you may want to ask, which is great, we also have a few questions you may want to include in your arsenal.

“What is the most enjoyable job you’ve ever had?” Once we hit our “senior” status, it’s safe to say we’ve had our fair share of jobs. When you ask this question, it gives you a look into his past, but it also gives you an idea of what makes them happy. For example, maybe they enjoyed working at a pet store. It’s probably safe to deduce that they love animals. If they enjoyed working in some kind of office job, they might be meticulous and orderly.

“Where is your favorite place you like to go that makes you feel at peace?” We all have those few places in our city (or maybe on the outskirts) that keep us coming back time and time again. These places make us feel like we can kick our feet up, relax, and enjoy the atmosphere. When you ask your date about these places, you could share your own favorite spots. If the first date goes well, you could take them to your favorite place for a second date!

“What is happening on right now in your life that you feel the most fulfillment from?” Maybe you’re on a date with someone who is totally immersed in their career, and they find great satisfaction from it. Perhaps they are writing the next great American classic or maybe they are just spending more time with the grandchildren. Whatever they say in response, it will surely lead to an engaging set of follow-up questions.

“What are some of your passions in life?” We all have a set of things that we are passionate about. These things inspire us, motivate us, and sometimes even keep us going when things get rough. Another good question you could ask is how those passions may have changed throughout the years.

“What makes you truly laugh?” Whenever you ask people what they want in a partner, they will almost always say they want someone who can make them laugh or someone with a great sense of humor. By asking your date what makes them laugh or what they find funny, you have the opportunity to take that knowledge and use it to your advantage by, naturally, making them laugh!

Going on a date with a new person can be scary, but when you go into it with several good questions, you won’t have to worry about too many awkward silences.