4 Ways You Can Connect With A Guy You Want to Start Dating


If you want to be in a healthy long-term romance with a man, you are going to have to understand how to connect with him on three different levels so that the relationship has somewhere to go.

When you’re able to understand the connection that exists between a man’s heart, mind, and his body, you can decide what sort of relationship you’d like to have with the different kinds of men you meet. Once you’re in the relationship that you’ve always dreamed of, the following information will give you the ability to keep it thriving.

The 4 Types of Connections to a Man

Your Mind and Heart
If you and a man is able to connect to each other through the heart and mind, you’ve probably found a guy that you are smitten with. You are able to discuss anything under the sun, and you never get bored. However, when it comes to getting intimate, there isn’t a desire there.
This type of connection is great for creating a strong friendship with a great guy after the date has ended. You can take him to social functions that you don’t want to go to alone, and he’s the one that you go to when you need a listening ear.

Your Mind and Body
This combination is typical when you are going into the “friends with benefits” territory. This type of connection is great for the days when you want to be stimulated, both mentally and physically. Since the heart isn’t anywhere in this equation, you two could have a great night of intimacy and conversation. When that is all done, you could go your separate ways and not think anything of it.
With this kind of relationship, it is usually the woman who winds up getting hurt because the heart tends to get involved.

Your Body and Heart
There are instances when you meet someone that your heart thuds in your chest, and you feel like you’re in love. Why you two could spend hours in bed together and feel like you’ve only just crawled in. This kind of chemistry can be confusing because while your body responds wonderfully with his and your heart is telling you this is legit, your mind isn’t there to help you spot any red flags—or just approach the situation logically.

Your Body, Heart, and Mind
The final connection that you could forge with a man is perhaps the most coveted. When all three parts are working in unison, you are much more aware of the situation and can see things as they really are. You are able to look at the situation and figure out if things are progressing at a normal state, or if things are just getting too chaotic or unrealistic. Whatever the case, when your heart, mind, and body are working together, your relationship will be much better for it.