5 Most Common Dating Mistakes Women Over 40 Make

women dating mistakes

A woman in her 40s isn’t looking for the same thing a woman in her 20s or 30s is looking for when it comes to dating. Some ladies are looking for a long-term commitment and they don’t want to waste valuable time with a man who isn’t on the same page. Of course, you have other ladies who simply want to have a fling in an effort to rebound after a hard relationship.

Whatever the case may be, they still tend to make mistakes along the way. Here are five of the most common mistakes women in their 40s make while dating.

1. Too Needy/Too Independent

Once you hit 40, it isn’t uncommon to feel like your time is running out and that you need to get the ball rolling in the love department. Because of this, some women tend to cling to whomever she is seeing and that can get to be too much for the guy — especially if they aren’t quite on the same page.
On the flip side, as a woman in her 40s, you have your own career, money, friends, and routine. It can be very difficult to let go of the reins. Sometimes women who have been single for a while or who enjoy their independence tend to forget that men like to feel needed; and when you are unwilling to let him help you (even if it is to open the door), they wonder why you even need them.

2. Dating Too Soon

We like to think that the easiest way to mend a broken heart is by jumping into another relationship. Unfortunately, if you don’t allow yourself to reflect over the failed relationship, grieve the loss, and get back in touch with who you are, chances are the next relationship you find yourself in will fail also.

3. Finding a Connection Through Pain

As part of the getting to know you process, you may learn somethings about your date that you can relate to. Ideally, this is the perfect opportunity to have a conversation and continue learning about one another. However when you find a painful topic, like a divorce or a relationship gone wrong, it can lead to a very bad territory. You both may start bashing the ex, the anger you may feel toward them could rear its ugly head and the whole night can be ruined.

4. Being Quick to Judge

Women in their 40s usually know what they do and don’t want in a partner. Because of this, you can miss out on some great men, simply because they don’t match your “ideal” partner. For example, that frumpy guy that is a few inches shorter than you? He could have a killer sense of humor, be charming, and be everything else you want in a partner — but because he doesn’t fit your physical preference, you won’t even give him a chance.

5. Settling

In the quest to find love, you may feel like you have limited time, and therefore you may settle with someone that you only share lukewarm feelings for. No matter how old you are, you don’t want to settle unless you feel a burning desire for the other person. It’s that passion that will keep your relationship feeling fresh and new every day.