7 Dating Tips That Have Been Proven to Work


Regardless of what you may have heard throughout the years, a woman in her 40s (and up) does not need any special tips or tricks to snag herself a date or a husband. What dating techniques worked for you when you were younger can work for you now.

You just remember that you are someone worth the effort and worth getting to know. Continue reading to see the 7 most useful dating tips that will help you remember how awesome you are as you reenter the dating scene.

1. Never start thinking that there aren’t enough men. Ladies, you make up one-half of the population, so the very thought that there aren’t enough single men your age out there is just ridiculous. There are plenty of men accessible to you through any social media platform, dating websites, or just going out to meet them on your own.

2. Never believe that all the good ones are taken. As someone who’s over 40, you might start thinking that the great men who are in the same age bracket as you are already taken. You should know that any worthwhile guy, no matter their age, will take the time to get to know you, they won’t waste time and won’t miss out on an opportunity to get to know you better.

3. You aren’t someone who can be won over easily. You may not be certain that you want to get hitched and for the longest time, you’ve always figured that you would stay single, and you’re okay with that. This sort of attitude doesn’t mean your cold, it just means that you are comfortable with yourself and any man who wants to be part of your life will have to prove that he adds to it, and doesn’t take anything away.

4. Your story is important. During the process of getting to know someone, they should understand that your life story is important and that it isn’t going to be easy to discover all of your secrets. Make them work for every juicy detail.

5. Focus on your health and fitness. When you focus time and energy on your health and fitness, it will all come back to you ten-fold. You may want to join the highest rated gym in your area and take all the cool fitness classes, but you can also do it on your own by eating right and exercising. People will take notice.

6. Never overlook the female friendships. Next time when you attend some singles even, you don’t want just to focus on the men—mingle with the other women! You may meet a lady that you could become good friends with who just so happens has a cute (and single!) brother.

7. Never brag about your achievements and money. It’s natural that you want to shout to the rooftops that you’re a successful person with a lot to offer anyone. However, you shouldn’t do that, especially when you are trying to meet someone. Why? Because when you do this, you’ll never be certain if they like you for you, or for your money and/or status.
Dating when you’re in your 40s and beyond can be a bit of a challenge, but when you use these seven tips, you may find that dating and love will come much easier to you.