The Single Holiday Survival Guide Singles Need During the Holiday Season

Girl giving grandmother Christmas gift

A study conducted by a popular dating site last Christmas discovered that 47 percent of singles said that they dreaded the holiday mostly because they felt lonely. Next to Christmas, unmarried men said that they found was more stressful than Valentine’s day.

Now, we aren’t suggesting that every person who’s not partnered up with someone during the holidays dread it—in fact there are many who look forward to it. However, according to the aforementioned survey there are quite a few senior singles who find little merriment in the season. Whether they are meeting up with old friends with whom have found partners themselves or family members who try to badger you about your love life, being alone this Christmas could feel like a battle for your survival rather than a time for joy.

However, instead of shutting yourself away and avoiding spending time with your loved ones, we’ve got a few tips that will help you get through the holiday unscathed—and even enjoy it!

Don’t dwell on the sadness

This is the most important rule for being single during the holidays (ideally all year round). If you allow your sadness and feelings of misery take over, you’ll quickly find yourself in a downward spiral that is so hard to get yourself out of. After all, misery only brings about more misery and forces you to seclude yourself away from people. How often do you hear people say, “Let’s go hang out with that miserable person? They look like fun!”? Yeah… Not very often.

We understand that letting go of your misery is easier said than done, especially when you reflect in previous holiday’s when you were coupled up and much happier. Once you notice your mind reflecting on Christmas’ from years gone by, find something to focus on. Do some cooking, call a friend; whatever it is, get your mind off the sadness.

Gather your friends and family

If the mere thought of being alone while at some get together feels ominous, or intimidating, you’ve got to stomp those feelings down. The truth of the matter is, people just aren’t paying as much attention to you as you may think. In fact, they are too busy celebrating and socializing to notice that you aren’t with someone. Yeah, you may get a few questions, but they won’t go into a big tirade. Why, you may be surprised when no one even comments on it—most people understand that your love life is private and it may be a sore subject to talk about.

Keep yourself occupied

Much like trying not to dwell on your sadness, you should try to keep yourself as busy as possible, which isn’t that hard to do considering there is always something to be done during the  holiday season, whether you are shopping for gifts, cleaning the house, or attending holiday gatherings. Because you’re single, you can do the things you want to do and when you want to do them. For example, perhaps previous years your partner made you attend Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve when all you really wanted to do was watch A Christmas Story with your friends while getting drunk off egg nog. Since you’re single, you can do exactly that.

Feel good about yourself

Maybe you’ve got some spare time on your hands. This is the perfect chance for you to get out there and volunteer your time and help those who are in need. There are plenty of charities that are always looking for good Samaritans who want to either donate their time or goods to help make the holidays a little brighter for the less fortunate.

Create a good comment when someone pries into your love life

No one likes when someone asks them about their love life out of the blue. It’s especially maddening when you’ve recently broken up and the wound is still fresh. One of the easiest ways to put your relative in their place by telling them something that will get them off your back. It could be an honest answer (I’m not interested in dating anyone right now) or you could say something flippant (I didn’t want to waste any more money than I had to on gifts this year). Whatever you say, they’ll get the hint and leave you alone.