First Date Tips Middle Aged Men Should Follow

dating tips for middle aged men

After you join any one of the many popular dating sites online, you will go on plenty of first dates. However, you’ll quickly discover that dating today is not like it was when you were younger. Dating when you are newly single can leave you without much experience and because of that, your first date may not go off as smoothly as you’d hoped.

That’s where we come in. We’ve come up with a few dating tips that will help you nail that first date so you can ask for a second.

1. Arrange to go somewhere close to her place.
We can’t tell you how many times women have complained about men asking them to drive pretty far away just to meet them for a cup of coffee. These men who do that will never get a chance to ask her for a second date. However, if you want to impress a woman, plan a date that is closer to her. When you show her that you’re willing to travel to meet her, even if it’s an hour away, that will show her that you are really interested.

2. Let her pick the place.
Women always appreciate when men ask her where she’d like to meet. They feel good when their opinions are taken into consideration. Most women aren’t going to choose the most expensive places to eat, so you don’t have to worry too much.

3. Pay attention to what her body language is saying — and be respectful!
Is she leaning toward you when you talk? Does she move closer to you? These things are excellent signs that indicate that she’s interested in you. However, this doesn’t mean that she’s giving you the okay to touch her, especially in personal areas.

4. Ask permission before you kiss her.
This is about respecting her body. Even though she may be attracted to you and you both are having a great time, you don’t want to assume that it’ll be okay for you to kiss her. Even if her body language is telling you that she sees you as a romantic interest, you shouldn’t automatically assume that you can kiss on the first date. If you ask to kiss her, she’ll think it’s charming and very gentlemanly of you, which is a definite plus.

5. Tell her you want to see her again.
This can be a little uncomfortable if you aren’t getting clear signals that she’s digging you. Women do respect a man who is willing to take a risk by asking her out again. Besides, wouldn’t it be a weight off your shoulders to know how she feels about you? If she doesn’t like you, she’ll turn you down. If she does, she’ll probably accept. It’s that simple.