Stop Wondering if You’ll Find Love Again As a Single Mom and Make it Happen

dating as a single mom

You might be surprised that one of the most common reasons why single mothers remain that way is not because they don’t want to date, but because men assume that if you have a child, you are already spoken for. You can rectify that by following these simple tips.

1. Look like you’ve got everything under control.
Ladies, we understand that it might be asking a lot for you to take extra care of yourself, but think about it from the single guy’s perspective. If you are pushing your child in their stroller in your pajamas, your hair is unkempt, and you look exhausted, there is no way that you’re going to have time to add a relationship into the mix. If you want to show men that you’ve got everything under control, you’ve got to look like it. This means put on clothes that aren’t covered in spit up stains. Run a comb through your hair, put on a smattering of lip gloss. Men aren’t expecting you to look like a million bucks, but at least put a little effort into it.

2. Be upfront about your single mom status.
If you’re impatient and don’t want to sit by and wait for a guy to come up to you, approach him instead. We don’t necessarily mean come straight out and say, “Me single, you single, let’s date.” We do mean that you can broach the subject in a subtle manner. Let’s say that you are at the grocery store, and there is a cute guy in front of you with a few items in his basket; you can say something off hand about how much of a pain in the butt it is to cook for just yourself. This will let him know that you’re single and are looking.

3. Understand that checking for a wedding ring doesn’t always work.
Sometimes men won’t always take the no ring on the finger as a signal that you’re single because there are plenty of women who aren’t married but with the child’s father still. Also, some men even said that they assume that the woman cannot wear her wedding ring due to baby weight she may still be carrying—ouch.

4. Dads who are strict in public are probably going be single.
When it comes to raising children, men who are in a relationship with the child’s mother are probably going to be more lenient than the mother. So, if you spot a man disciplining their child at the park, chances are they are forced to step up and fulfill both roles, as a single parent usually has to do. If this is the case, watch how he parents his child and proceed accordingly.

5. Use your child to reel them in.
Hey, if you can use your pup as a way to attract single women, why can’t you use your child? Most women will admit that they are drawn to a man who has a kid because it lets her know that he is family oriented and will be more likely to get along with her own children than a single guy who doesn’t have children.