2 HUGE Reasons Women Over 40 Have a Hard Time Finding Love

problems mature single women face

Being single at 40 is tough! The availability of potential men for dating is low and even if they are some eligible bachelors, it’s hard to attract them. Wrinkles, age spots, curvy forms don’t exactly scream sexy. Any other single woman you meet over the age of 40 will probably be going through the same hurdles.

So, how can you find dates that end up in long-lasting companionship? Well, there are two reasons that women aren’t able to find love. First: they don’t understand the harsh realities of being single at 40. Second: high dating expectations. Let’s tackle both problems so you can have a better dating experience.

Harsh Realities Of Being Single At 40

  1. Men at this age are either married with kids or are non-existent (i.e. crossed over to the other side)
  2. Men who are single at this age prefer much younger women
  3. Men who are single at this age prefer flings over serious commitment

High Dating Expectations

  1. Looking for Prince Charming
  2. Rejecting men over superficial attributes (i.e. nose is too big)
  3. Rejecting men because they aren’t as established as you would want them to be

How to Tackle These Problems

First of all, understand your possible dating options. Most men at this age have already settled down so you need to get out of your comfort zone to meet eligible men. Gone are the days when you would be standing at the bar and men would send drinks. If you want to find a date, always be on the look-out. Attend events and social hangouts to meet new people. Get your friends to set you up on blind dates with suitable men. Strike up casual conversations with men at coffee shops or in the ATM line.

If you have successfully landed a date, make sure the person is actually interested in you. To avoid one night stands and casual flings, hold off sex for the first few dates. On the other hand, if you are looking for something casual, let your date know that in hidden words. Maintaining casual relationships might be a sensible choice if you already have kids and have been married before. So, there is nothing wrong with letting him know that it cannot lead to long-term commitment. It’s better to be honest from the beginning than having an awkward breakup.

Second of all, you cannot be close-minded and critical of your dates. Judging them on superficial reasons is only going to decrease the chances of you being with the man of your dreams. Rather, focus on his personal qualities that you would want in a potential companion. It could be his fun personality, or his love for travel, or his mere gentleness. On the other hand, don’t settle for less either. Just because you are tired of being lonely, you cannot be with someone that doesn’t make you happy. Explore all your options and you will definitely find someone who is made for you.