4 Ways Men and Women Tend to Connect During Their Middle Age Years


As a single person in their 40s, you may be looking for someone that you can forge a long-term relationship with. If this is your ultimate goal when you decide to jump into the world of dating again, you will want to know how to connect with singles your age on these various levels before committing.

Once you are able to understand the intricate connections between the heart, mind, and body and understand how they work together in unison, then you’ll be able to decide what kind of relationship you are looking for.

Your Heart and Mind

If you’ve connected with someone through each other’s heart and mind, you’ve probably found someone that you are completely smitten with. The two of you have found a way to talk for hours, but despite this, the sexual chemistry is lacking.
This combination is perfect for sparking a friendship with someone long after the date has ended and you go your separate ways. They are great people to be your plus one, but they aren’t going to be that long lasting relationship that you may be craving.

Your Mind and Body

This particular combination is a mixture of stimulating your mind as well as kindling a spark deep within your body. You’ll find that with this combination, you are stimulated mentally and physically, but there aren’t any emotions involved.
A better way of thinking about this is like this. You two could have incredible intimacy and get out of bed without that lingering desire to cuddle with one another. You needn’t wonder where you stand with one another because it is a mutual understanding that though you engage in something intimate, you aren’t emotionally attached.

Your Heart and Body

You can love someone so deeply, that you find yourself wanting to do nothing but spend the entire day lounging in bed with them, soaking in each other’s presence. With this kind of deep connection, your oxytocin levels are high and you feel the chemistry deep in your heart and in your body.
While we may think that this kind of love is ideal, it actually isn’t ideal. In fact, it leaves you unfulfilled in the long run because there is no friendship underneath that passion. All you have is the feelings of love and desire, but there isn’t a mental connection that makes you hunger for more.

Your Heart, Mind, and Body

The holy trinity of love. This mind-blowing combination is the trifecta that can take a relationship all the way to the next level. Now, it doesn’t always guarantee that it will work out, but it does give you a better chance of the relationship surviving than the other three combinations.
This fourth combination also provides you an insight as to why your other relationships may not have been successful in the past because it gives you the mental clarity of what a fulfilling relationship should be. Should this particular relationship fail for one reason or another, you could always reflect on it and understand how your new partner will (or will not) fit into your life.