4 Tips Women Over 40 Must Know

tips for women over 40 dating

Okay, meeting men are hard, especially once you hit your 40s. You aren’t going to the bars anymore to meet men, and your circle of friends has probably been the same for years.

If you’re reluctant about trying online dating because you think it’s full of immature 20-somethings only looking to hook up, you might want to think about. Dating websites report that the fastest growing demographic are people over 40. Online dating is a new way for older people to meet one another and possibly find love!

If you’re interested in trying your hand at this, here are four tips to consider:

1. Be the boss

We don’t mean that you have to be bossy. We mean that you have to be in control of your dating experience. Online dating will open you up to thousands of possibilities. It’s a new way to meet people—be they a potential romantic interest or just a new friend. Before you go all-in with online dating, there are some decisions you need to make first:

  • How long do you want to be looking around on the site every day?

  • What can you do to make sure your emotional well-being remains intact?

  • What things can you learn along the way that will make you a successful dater?

2. Stand out

Yeah, that sounds simple, but it is a little more involved than you might think. You are going to be just one of millions on a dating website, so you’re going to have to show potential suitors that you have something special about you. Unfortunately for us ladies, there are far fewer men for us to choose from, as there tends to be 1 man for every 11 women. Ouch. You can stand out by having your photographs professionally done. Have a friend go over your profile and see what they think (if she loves it, redo it. Why? Because it is too girly—you need to appeal to men, remember?).

3. Be honest

Yes, you are online, but that doesn’t mean you should become someone completely different than who you are. You want to meet men and maybe fall in love with them. You can’t do this if you are misrepresenting yourself by posting pictures that aren’t current, or you embellish some aspects of your life to be more appealing. Instead, be open and honest about who you are and what you’re looking for out of the dating experience—be it a relationship or something more casual.

4. Consider giving yourself a make-over.

Nothing appeals to the men more than a confident woman. Maybe you’re not feeling very confident in yourself, which is okay. You can boost your low confidence by getting a make-over. Maybe you’ve lost some weight, and your clothes don’t fit properly. Go out and get a couple of outfits that make you feel fabulous. Maybe you want to try something new with your hair. Do it! While you might be getting a makeover to make yourself feel great, that confidence will translate into the way you carry yourself and how you interact with other people on the site. They’ll be drawn to you like an anxious moth to a beautiful flame!