Single Over 40: Meet the New Face of Online Dating

over 40 dating

While dating may now seem more complicated than it ever was in the past, it’s quite the opposite. Never has it ever been easier to find that perfect match thanks to a whirlwind of online dating sites that are taking the world by storm. Welcome to the wonderful world of online dating. I hope this article helps to guide your way…

Choosing a dating platform

Let’s start with going over the most popular platforms that are on the market today. Although each site does basically the same thing (finding users compatible partners), they cater to different types of relationships. Here’s how the cookie crumbles. – Perfect for those looking for a committed, long-term, meaningful relationship.

Your profile

After deciding on a website you most likely be asked to fill out a profile. Think of your profile the same way as you do your Facebook profile, except it is designed for those who know absolutely nothing about you. You’re going to benefit from filling out each and every section with your likes, interests, information about your lifestyle, and the type of relationship you are looking for. The more you add, the more likely it is you will catch someone’s attention and interest as they will see they have something in common with you. Along with writing lots about yourself, be sure to also include a ton of good quality, flattering pictures. As a good rule of thumb, at least 5 nice pictures of yourself should be present.

Interacting with others

Interacting with other site members is usually done in the form of messages, likes, favorites, or virtual gifts. Likes, favorites, and virtual gifts simply show other members that you have taken an interest in their profile, whereas a message is a more personal way of communicating. If you’re going to send a message, it would be in your best interests to send one regarding something they’ve shared on their profile. For example, if the person of interest has listed they enjoy the works of Shakespeare ask them which one in particular. This will spark a more meaningful conversation and as you can see will work best if you share similar interests with them.

Bringing it to the next level

The goal in online dating is to have your efforts eventually result in a face-to-face meetup. Go about this by engaging in conversation for a while, and if it seems you’d be a good match then suggest you get their phone number. From here you can ask if they’d be interested in meeting in person which brings me to my next point…

The first date

Have it in a public place like a coffee shop or park and keep the atmosphere casual, fun, and positive.

There you have it, folks. I hope this article was able to clear up some questions or concerns you had about the world of online dating as the possibilities it presents you with are endless. Here’s to the age of technology and doing things we never thought possible!