10 Things You Should Know Prior to Dating a Single Mom


You think you’ve got scheduling down? Prepared to be amazed when you start dating a single mom.

1. Games with her kids are the only ones she wants to play.
If you think that you can get away with playing head games with a single mom, you better think again because she won’t hesitate to drop you like a bad habit if she thinks for an instant that you are wasting her time.

2. Liking children isn’t the same as raising them.
Instead of acting like you know what it’s like to raise kids, don’t hesitate to ask questions and be humble. Sure, you may have fun with your niece over the holidays, but it isn’t quite the same as having to care for a sick child who complains constantly of an ear ache.

3. Because you like her kids doesn’t mean you can raise them.
You may think you have a say in how her kids are raised simply because you are dating them, you better guess again because the moment you over step your boundaries, you can be sure that she will nip that in the bud real quick and put you in your place. How she raises her children is none of your business so until you marry her, butt out—even then it may be iffy.

4. Don’t ask dumb questions on the first date.
Can you believe some guys actually have the audacity to ask a single mom if they considered having an abortion? Yeah, it is something women do get asked on a regular basis. Sad isn’t it?

5. Don’t be surprised if she isn’t up to date on the latest pop culture buzz.
Single moms have a lot on their plates and keeping up with the latest James Bond movie or what celebrity baby mama drama is hot this week is definitely not on that list of things to do.

6. Forget everything you know about scheduling.
If you’re someone who likes to plan things in advance, sorry to say, but when you date a single mom, you’re ideas about scheduling are going to be thrown out the window, thanks to custody agreements, school functions, sicknesses, and other kid-centric issues.

7. Sunday Funday takes on a whole new meaning when you date a single mom.
Sunday Funday is a little bit different (correction: a lot) when you’re dating a single mother. You may have used to lounge around all day nursing your hangover, but when there are kids thrown into the mix, you’re sleeping in won’t go much later than 7am, the latest.

8. Hangovers are a thing of the past.
Perhaps no more hang overs is a good thing when it comes to dating single moms. You can’t party all night long sipping on booze when you’ve got little ones to care for.

9. Her ex will probably be in the picture.
If the guy isn’t a dead beat dad, you’re going to have to deal with the kids’ father popping around. If she gets along with him still, be cool about it. If it’s an awkward situation, you can just be there for her and let her vent if she gets too upset at him.

10. She cannot just go with the flow.
Babysitters can be a godsend but they are people too, and when the single mom your seeing says she has to be home by a certain time, then that means she has to be home. So no more night caps at your place or just playing the night by ear.