5 Dating Trends that Are Hazardous to Women Over 40 and Keeps Them Alone

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1. Losing the Spark

Getting back into the dating game is scary enough as it is, but as a woman in her 40s, it could be downright terrifying—especially if she feels like she’s lost that “spark.” The spark meaning that thing that draws the opposite sex to you and makes them enchanted by your presence.
Fear not, as you can regain that coveted spark simply by getting in touch with who you are again. Pick up a long forgotten hobby. Enjoy spending time with your children and maybe grandchildren. Get involved with community events. Whatever it is, you will quickly find that your happiness will come flooding back and that passion you once had will be rekindled.

2. Dating an Alpha Male as an Alpha Female

Strong women often feel like they need to date a strong male in order to have the understanding relationship they crave. The truth is, two alphas cannot be together in a relationship because they are both eager to be the leader in the relationship.
Ideally, you will want to have an alpha and a beta in a relationship, as the alpha wants to be respected and the beta will want to be cherished. If you were to have two betas, neither person is going to take charge and the relationship will just sit there, not moving forward. Once you understand who you are and the role you have, you can better choose a partner for you.

3. Dating the Same Kind of Man Over and Over

We understand that we have a particular type of person that we are drawn to, but have you ever stopped to think that maybe the reason why your relationships never turn out the way you hope is because that “type” you have your heart set on is just wrong for you? Sure, you may attracted to the artistic guy who’s living his dreams, but if you’re a goal oriented woman who has big plans, that artistic guy isn’t going to do much to help you achieve them.
Once you stop pigeon-holing yourself into one kind of man and broaden your horizons, you may surprise yourself by what your options are.

4. Choosing a Man Simply Because He Meets Your List of “Must Haves”

Every woman is guilty of this—we have a list of “must haves” in our heads of what we want in a partner. And when we are looking for that guy, we evaluate their “worthiness” based on that list. We rarely take into consideration the other parts of his life that makes him who he is. We look for the qualities that allows him to fit into our mold of what we think a perfect man should be.
However, what many women fail to understand is that although he could tick off every box of that wish list, he could still be wrong for you. What you have to do is take into consideration how you feel around this person. If you don’t feel good around him, then he isn’t the one for you!

5. Not Having a Plan For When You Meet The One

Once you have a clearer vision of what you want in a partner, you should always have a plan on how you’re going to meet this person. Are you going to meet him online? Are you going to attend real life classes, functions, and seminars? When you have a better plan of how you’re going to meet him, you’ll find that you’ll be quicker to recognize him from the rest of the bunch and scoop him up before someone else does.