9 Lessons to Learn When Dating in Your 40s

mature dating tips in your 40

Learn the 9 lessons that dating after 40 will teach you, despite having years of dating experience under your belt.

1. Everyone knows a wonderful single woman in her 40s but not men.

Why is it everyone seems to know a bunch of fantastic single women who are in their 40s, but they cannot name one single man in his 40s that they would want to date?

2. When you’re in your 40s, you are comfortable with who you are.

You don’t worry about your body so much anymore and you embrace who you are as an individual. You go out, have fun, enjoy the nightlife just like anyone else, but you also enjoy going to museums, galleries, and festivals too. Who knows, simply by enjoying life, you may meet a man while you’re out and about too!

3. Many single women in their 40s look and feel fabulous.

Women at this age are doing Pilates, yoga, they take care of their skin, and they are interested in doing whatever they can to live longer. They know how to relax a little more and don’t stress out quite as easily. The lack of stress is definitely noticeable when compared to a woman who is in a consistent state of stress.

4. You decide if you do or do not want children.

Children aren’t for everyone and deciding for good that you aren’t interested in having kids… Man, that is liberating! There is a ridiculous amount of social pressure on women to have children, and it can be quite irritating being asked when you were going to have kids when you’re younger.

5. You can date outside of your age range if you want.

After 40, you can adopt the cougar mentality if you wanted to. You can date younger men and keep up with their bravado, or you could also date an older man and appreciate his lifestyle as well. You’ve got the best of both worlds!

6. You are a lot more in tuned with your sexuality.

Younger women may not be so comfortable with their body or with their sexuality, but, not you! You’re mature enough to know how to tell someone what you want in bed without bursting into giggles or just laying back and taking it (pardon the pun). If you aren’t satisfied, you have no problem kicking them to the curb.

7. You still can connect with someone if they don’t share your interests.

You understand that it takes more than just a few shared hobbies and interests to build a relationship. It’s the shared values and characteristics that really matter.

8. Be wary of the newly divorced singles.

A lot of people claim that you need to snag a newly-divorced person if you want to find a good catch. However, these great catches come with a lot of baggage and you have to decide if you want to deal with that baggage. Plus, if they were such a great catch, what role did they play in the dissolution of the marriage?

9. You realize marriage isn’t necessarily for everyone.

While you support your married friends, you also understand that not every relationship needs to lead to marriage. You can enjoy being single, but you also can go out and date around, and maybe even find someone you want to spend a lot of time with… Without feeling like you need to get married.