Important First Date Tips for Mature Singles

first date tips for mature singles

Dating again after being in a long-term relationship isn’t easy, no matter the age. However, when a mature single wants to have another shot at finding love, it can be all the more unnerving. The dating climate has changed over the last decade and more and more people are looking to the internet to find love, and thanks to online dating sites, it is so much easier to meet quality singles from the comfort of your own home.

So, what do you do if you are able to find what could be your next great love affair? What can you do to make sure that first date turns into a second, a third, and more? Follow these simple tips and you’ll be worrying about what to wear for that next date even before the first one ends.

1. Accentuate Your Best Feature

We all have something we are especially proud of about ourselves. If you are particularly fond of your strong shoulders, make sure you stand straight and square off the shoulders. If you think your smile is your best feature, don’t be afraid to smile! Chances are if you think these are top notch traits and you show them off, then your date very well may agree too.

2. Embrace Your Flaws

As we get older, of course, our bodies aren’t going to look the same as it did when we were in our 20s; there is no way around that unless you get plastic surgery. No, instead of being ashamed of how time has took its toll on your body, embrace it. You don’t like those stretchmarks? So what, you have three beautiful children to show for it. Don’t like your smile lines? It just means you’ve led a happy life.

3. Trust Your Instincts

You’ve been around for a while and you are pretty in tune with how your instincts react with certain things. The moment you start feeling like something is off, don’t hesitate to get out of there. Sure, that person you’ve been talking to may be exactly what you are looking for, they could say things that make you uncomfortable. You wouldn’t stay in an uncomfortable situation when you were youngers, so why would you do it now?

4. Dress to Impress

Although you may have a rocking body, you still want to remain respectful and dress appropriately. You don’t want to show up for your date wearing clothes that are ill-fitting, dirty, or are not age appropriate. The name of the game is to impress your date, look your best, and feel fabulous while doing it!

5. Have Fun

The first date has always been a stressful event for many. This leads them to be uncomfortable and not have fun, which is one of the biggest mistakes you could do! You are dressed up and with someone new, but that doesn’t mean you should let your nerves get the best of you. Instead, take the situation for what it is (just getting to know someone new) and stop hoping that it will turn into something serious. First dates are like treasure hunts. Sometimes you hit the jackpot and sometimes you don’t—either way the search was fun.