How to Be That Strong and Independent Woman Men Love

how to date independent woman

Independent women are enviable by other women because they have a commanding personality that makes it hard for you to look away. They don’t become these strong women overnight, but it takes a long time to do. You just can’t flick a switch and become that woman, it takes work.

If it were easy to become one of these ladies, you wouldn’t be here reading this article. You’re going to have to make some necessary changes in your life that will help you become that woman men want to be with. Here’s how you can do just that.

1. Stand up for yourself when you have to. An independent woman will take charge whenever she feels like she’s been slighted. If you really want to be the kind of woman men love, you’re going to be able to stick up for yourself whenever there is a situation that requires it of you. Just remember that you should do so in a calm and respectful manner — being loud is not attractive.

2. Provide for yourself. This is independence in its literal form. On your quest to become this independent force to be reckoned with, you’re going to have to know how to be able to care for yourself. You shouldn’t have to rely on anyone to provide anything for you, be it a house, pay your bills or make you happy.

3. Maintain your own life. You don’t want to be wasting all of your time obsessing over someone or something. You should have your own set of goals, hobbies, friends, and aspirations that you want to achieve. Be that person who isn’t just another flower against the wall!

4. Deal with problems on your own. It’s okay to ask for advice every now and then. It’s even okay to vent to someone so they can weigh in and see what they have to say about your situation. However, you shouldn’t expect that someone will come along and fix your problem — they are your problems that you have to fix on your own.

5. Ignore negative people. There are going to be haters everywhere. Everywhere you look, online, in the mall, at work, even your neighbor. People are going to have something to say about you, and you won’t be able to escape it. If you want to be the woman men everywhere desire, you’re going to have to learn how to grow a thicker skin and ignore them.

6. Stay calm in a hectic situation. We know it’s easier to say that you should remain calm when things are stressful, but it’s important that you do your best to do it. Independent women are able to handle any situation with poise and grace.

7. Don’t be impulsive. With an impulsive behavior, it makes you look childish and immature. Independent women will think about their decisions, regardless of how small they may be. When you’re faced with a decision to purchase an expensive bag, you’ll think about it thoroughly and won’t do anything too rash.