Questions You Should Be Asking Early in the Relationship


You’ve met someone that you believe could be the one. There is an undeniable connection between you two and you are completely smitten. Be that as it may, you still probably need some solid information before you can decide if this relationship is worth nurturing or if you may be better off going your separate ways.

Here are some of the questions that will help you know what you’re getting yourself into and help you see and understand how your new partner view things. When you are able to understand their perspective, you can better gauge the direction of your relationship in the future.


When you ask hypothetical questions, it’s always interesting to see their response and how their personality plays into it. For example, you could ask them fun questions that are completely off the wall like what kind of animal would they prefer to be and why, or what kind of super power do they wish they had. These questions can spark interesting conversations that doesn’t reveal anything serious but gives you a glimpse into the type of person they are.

What If?

The “what if?” questions are fun to ask also. These questions are meant to create conversation that is thought provoking and they also shed some light onto the type of person you’re dating. For example, if you were to ask someone what if they won the lottery and what would they do with the money, you can learn if they had their priorities in order or not by their response. Wouldn’t you like to hear a sensible response like investing some of it and then using the rest to enjoy life rather than something off the wall like throwing the party to rival all parties?

The Past

When you start asking questions about someone’s past, you should be prepare yourself for anything. These questions should be asked at the appropriate time and in the appropriate place. For example, if you are at a mutual friend’s wedding, you don’t want to ask them about their previous relationship during the couple’s first dance. Instead, ask the heavier questions like this when you are alone, like after the reception and on the way home. This way you aren’t putting them on the spot and if things get emotional for your partner, they don’t have to worry about trying to save face in front of a crowd.

The Future

Ah, questions about the future are always interesting to ask because it gives you a better glimpse into where they see the future of your relationship is going. You should always allow the topic arise naturally and never blindside them. For example, you don’t want to ask your boyfriend if he wants kids if you are watching a television documentary about the high adoption and abortion rates in third-world countries. Instead, let the questions come up organically and let the conversation flow freely. There is nothing more uncomfortable than being faced with questions that you aren’t ready to answer and there is a pressure to say the right things.