After the Divorce: 5 Ways to know if you’re ready to Date

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After battling through the weather storm of divorce, it may be hard to get back in the dating game. The good news is that you have experienced the best and worst of relationships and it had made you determined not to make the same mistakes again.

Or maybe you just want to get back in the dating game to distract yourself and help you get through this tough time. So, how do you know if you are actually ready to start dating? Here are 5 sure signs that you are NOT ready.

Dating To Make Your Ex Jealous

You have to date for the right reasons and all those reasons should be for yourself, not for your ex. You are definitely not ready to date if all you are looking for is stirring up jealousy in your ex. It’s unfair to use your new dating partner for making someone else jealous and clearly, you are still hung up on your ex. So save the heartburn and let yourself get emotionally stable before you get back into the dating game.

Talking About Your Divorce with Your New Dating Partner

Yes, it must have been a distressful time, but your new dating partner doesn’t need to know about it. Nothing’s going to be a bigger turn off for your date than spending the entire evening listening about your ex. And if talking about your divorce is the only icebreaker you have, then you are definitely not ready for dating.

Comparing Your New Dates with Your Ex

You parted ways with your ex for a reason, but don’t make that reason to not date other guys. For instance, you don’t want to date anyone who is remotely related to the field of business because your ex-was a workaholic accountant. That doesn’t mean that you don’t learn from your past relationships. If you parted ways with your ex because he was an alcoholic, then it’s probably not a good idea to have a second date with someone who finished three bottles of wine on your first date. Also, don’t start looking for someone who is your ex’s doppelganger, because then it’s a clear sign that you are still hung up on him.

You Are Still Upset About Your Divorce

A divorce is definitely upsetting, no doubt, but don’t make it a hindrance for your dating life. You want to move on and settle down with someone who really deserves you. If you are still sad or angry about your divorce, then you are definitely not ready for dating. You are obviously going to get upset about divorce every now and then, but you have to get to a point where it’s not a constant grudge.

You Are Still In Touch With Your Ex

If you have kids with your ex, then obviously you will be interacting with them every now and then. However, apart from that you shouldn’t have any intimate relations with your ex. If you are still involved with him, then you can never move forward and start dating again.