Mature and Single: Why You Should Start Dating Again

how to start dating again if you are mature and single

Whatever the reason is that you find yourself single in your 40 years, whether through divorce, or you just never took the time to find the right one, now is the perfect time to dust off your pick up lines and get back into the swing of things.

If you are nervous about rejoining the dating world, it’s understandable; especially if you were previously in a relationship for many years, the idea of starting all over again can be terrifying. But, what if we told you that it isn’t quite as scary as you may believe?

Looking for Love

For those who are nervous about committing to dating, but you still want to test the waters, online dating is the way to go, as you aren’t obligated to meet up with the people you exchange messages with unless you absolutely feel comfortable to do so. You can take your time getting to know them, and because they are probably in the same boat as you are — meaning they are in their 40+ years and they want to find someone that they can share their time with.

Because you have lived your life and have a lifetime of experience under your belt, dating as a mature person grants you a kind of freedom that dating as a younger person cannot experience. For example, younger people may have young children that they have to work their schedules around and it could be difficult to find a baby sitter or whatever else.


As an older person, you may have children who are moving away from home to go to college or just are ready to live on their own. This transition can be hard on some people; empty nest syndrome is a very real thing! If you aren’t particularly looking for love, online dating sites also give you the opportunity to make new friends who share in the same interests as you do.

There are specialized websites that cater to your particular tastes. For example, if religion plays a big role in your life, there are websites that are designed to connect you with other religious singles. If you only want to talk to someone your own age, there are dating sites that are geared toward mature singles like yourself.

Online dating is a versatile way for older people to meet likeminded singles who have same interests and intentions. Not only will you be able to meet people who have already started a family, established their career, and just want to settle down, but you have the opportunity to meet hundreds of people, all from the comfort of your own home — and around your schedule. You can send out a few messages while you sip on your morning coffee and go about your day. When you come home, you can respond to messages and make a connection or two. The freedom online dating gives you is priceless.