5 Reasons Why Men Should Date Women Their Own Age

should men date women of their own age

Matchmakers often have a difficult time matching beautiful, talented, and successful women in their fifties because their male counterparts are under the belief that they should be dating younger women. So, here are these lovely mature women who are being passed over time and time again.

That is, until recently. Now more than ever, mature men in their 50s and up are opening their eyes and realizing that by dating a woman who is the same age as he is, it is actually a very smart decision. Here are five reasons why you may want to stop chasing the young ladies and start dating a woman your own age.

  1. You can grow old together. It’s no secret that as we age, our bodies change and we become self-conscious. Instead of doing things in the dark because you are ashamed of your wrinkles and cellulite, when you date a woman your own age, she is going through the same body changes—and then some.
  2. He can seek comfort in knowing that his partner won’t outlive him by many years. It is a known fact that women generally outlive their male partners. By dating someone your own age, you aren’t being selfish and expect her to be alone for many years after you pass on. It isn’t something either partner wants to think about—their mate passing on before they do—but it does happen and for those who are truly in love, that loss can be devastating, no matter the age.
  3. His family and peers respect him more when they date someone their own age. Typically, when men date women who are significantly younger than they are, the people in their lives will wonder what her intentions are. However, when he dates a woman who is closer in age with people, they are less likely to question her motives and respect his decision.
  4. Younger women sometimes take their older partners for granted. Unfortunately, when a younger woman is dating an older man, she comes to expect certain things from him, like being taken to nicer restaurants, going on lavish vacations, and introduce her to influential people. When this is the case, the woman may not be interested in him, but what he can do for her, which is never a good thing.
  5. You never have to compromise when dating someone the same age. By choosing to date a woman the same age as you, you don’t have to compromise. You are at a similar stage in your life where you are able to enjoy retirement (or close to retirement), you may have grandchildren that you can spoil, and your values line up. You may find that because you are on similar pages in your life, romance will come easier and it may be a lot more passionate than you may expect.

Our advice to you older ladies is to not give up on trying to find a man close to your age. With a little bit of patience, you may find your silver fox when you least expect it.