6 Reasons You Should Look for Love After 40

couples over 40

Would you believe us if we told you that falling in love later in life is the best time to do it? Sure, when you are younger, you may have your future ahead of you, your body is on point, and the possibilities are endless. However, now that you are older, you have something that your younger self didn’t have.

Actually, you have six somethings that make dating at this stage in life the best:

1. You are okay being alone.

You understand that your happiness shouldn’t be dependent on someone else and you also understand that your perfect love isn’t just going to suddenly appear out of nowhere. You’ve had plenty of time learning what makes you happy and when you were down, you’ve had a support system that you could always depend on. Now that you know what makes you happy and that you can be happy on your own, it’s a perfect basis for starting a relationship.

2. You understand what is real.

You aren’t going to hang on to idealistic dreams of what a romance should be. You seek stability and compatibility, so much so, you find these are more important than chemistry and those little flutters in your belly. You have your own accomplishments and you’ve also endured your own heartaches along the way. During this time of your life, you are able to have a much more realistic expectation of what love is.

3. It’s all about you two as a couple.

As you age, there are going to be a few things of life that don’t require as much attention as they once may have. Your kids are grown, so you can relax and enjoy your retirement. You don’t have to bust your rear end trying to get ahead in your career. You’re financially stable and can take the vacations that you’ve always wanted to go on. This is the time in both of your lives where you can do what you want as a couple.

4. Science is on your side.

As we become older, our brain starts to think differently. Men relax and become more comfortable with just going with the flow. Women tend to seek fulfillment in their lives by achieving a sense of accomplishment. This is the perfect time to come together as a couple and enjoy this newfound compatibility.

5. Your passion is on hyper-drive.

Although your body may not look like it used to, the capacity for romantic love has not changed much at all. According to an AARP study, 70% of 50-64-year-olds and 63% of people 65+ report being currently in love. And of those over 65, 46% reported being passionately in love. This means that people still need to feel loved and be loved, regardless of how old they may or may not be.

6. You don’t have to sweat the small stuff anymore.

Throughout your life, you may have experienced the enormous pain that comes with the passing of loved ones, whether it is the passing of a partner, your parents, or maybe even friends. When you are more aware of your own mortality, it helps put things into perspective and you may be more open to finding love.