5 Steps to Better Dating While in Your 40s

dating over 40

As a man dating in your 40s, you might feel invisible, but with these 5 simple tips, you’ll be more than visible, you’ll be attention grabbing.

Be Patient

When people who haven’t been dating for a while start dating again, they are searching for instant gratification. They believe that the second their dating profile goes live, people would be sending in messages left and right. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always happen that easily. In fact, they rarely come in and the more you sit there wishing that there are messages, the more discouraged you’ll feel. You should remember that although it is a waiting game, it can be worth it, it just takes a bit of time.

Be Realistic

As soon as you hit “submit” after filling out your profile, you might have this expectation that women 30 years your junior will be flooding your inbox because, in your eyes, you’ve got it going on. You very well may be the bees knees, but the type of response you get depends completely on how you are marketing yourself and the target audience you are aiming yourself for.

Granted, you can try and date 20-something women, but that’s usually just reserved for men going through a midlife crisis. If you really want to date a younger woman, you could date maybe five to ten years your junior, but you shouldn’t go much younger than that.
Of course, if you’ve got kids and you’re worried about who would want to date a man with kids, we’ll give you one guess. A 40 year old woman with kids.

Be Yourself

Whether you are exchanging messages online, chatting in a bar, or walking down the aisle, you’ve got to be true to yourself. You might try to tailor your personality to be someone that the women like, but your true personality comes out eventually.
For example, if you are a guy who enjoys video games, going to comic book conventions, watching superhero movies… You shouldn’t feel you have to apologize for it simply because the woman you take out doesn’t share the same interests. Don’t worry, there will be women out there who do.

Be Social

Go out and have fun! Join classes, go to conventions, do the things that you enjoy doing and socialize while you are doing them! When you build your social network and participate in the activities that you enjoy doing, you are focusing on your happiness, but you are opening yourself up to new people. Have you ever noticed that people are much more inclined to talk to you when you are happy and in a good mood? By doing these activities, you are in a great mood and you just may find a woman who shares the same interests.

Just Be

Just be. This may be the most difficult thing for many people to do because they feel like they have to be on the move all the time; however, by constantly being on the go, you are going to wear yourself out. You won’t be in the best position to be a good partner to someone and that is never an ideal situation. You can remedy this by taking a break from your now busy social life and relaxing. Lounge at home, reading a book or something peaceful. You’ll find that after your brief hiatus, you’ll feel refreshed.