What Are Your Dating Deal Breakers as A Single Over 40


Deal breakers are those particular qualities or traits someone has that you refuse to allow in your life, or they could be traits or qualities that some must have in order to be part of your life. Either way, they are important aspects of every daters life.

Men and women have different ideas of what a deal breaker is and if it is a big enough problem of honoring it or not. Generally, most women will make a few concessions when it comes to these deal breakers, because we see it as a challenge that we must try and fix so that he will better fit into our lives; whereas men rarely let the deal breakers slide. Sure, they may be with a woman for years, but he won’t marry her because he believes her deal breaker makes her unsuitable for marriage.

Some of the most common deal breakers include:


– If you’ve got beloved pets that you couldn’t possibly part with, you will want to find someone who is going to love your pet as much as you do. If your partner is allergic to pet hair, will you be able to give up your pet?


– As a single parent, you are going to want to find someone who loves your children as much as you do. Adversely, if you are dating someone with kids, how do you see yourself fitting in that family dynamic? If these children are young and you’ve already raised your children into adulthood, can you tolerate another stage of rebellious teens?


– Some people can handle the smell of cigarettes while others cannot. If you’re a nonsmoker, can you get over the constant odor of smoke on their clothing and possibly their home and car? No matter how hard they try, the smell could linger. Is this something that you can live with, or will you be turned off by it so much that you have to end the relationship?


– For many people, their faith is a very important part of their lives. Ideally, they may want to be with someone who shares the same religious beliefs, just because it is simpler that way. Sometimes, however, people will form a connection with one another and disregard the need for that religious connection. You have to sit back and evaluate the importance of having a partner with the same religious beliefs as you and how you could cope if they do not.

Alcohol/Drug Use

– What people do in their spare time is of their own choosing, however once they get into a relationship, they have to think of the other person (you). Can you deal with someone who drinks? Are you okay with drug use? These are some serious things that you need to ask yourself going into any relationship, as their choices could have major consequences on your life.


– How well does your libido align with one another. Some people enjoy intimacy way more than the other. You will want to see how important intimacy is to your partner before fully committing to a relationship. When one person feels unfulfilled in the bedroom, it could only lead to problems further down the road.