The Rules of Attraction that Make Dating After 40 Difficult

rules of attraction for mature dating

Have you ever read the book, The Secret? This book suggests that whatever you want in your life, you can manifest it simply by coveting it. This means that if you want a promotion at work, you can make it happen simply by speaking it into reality. You can do this with materialistic things and even with your relationships.

This belief in the law of attraction that was discussed in the book often left men and women highly frustrated because the things they desired never materialized in their lives. The truth is, it only works when the vibes you put out there matches those of what you desire.
What this means is that, let’s say you want to meet the man of your dreams, you can’t possibly meet them if you have that lingering fear of getting hurt again. This conflict of feelings creates a divide inside of you that when you project your desires into the universe, the cosmos is conflicted because you say you are ready for love, but your heart clearly says otherwise.
Here are three ways you can change the way you think and align yourself with getting what it is you desire most.

Finding the Good Men

When you think about the men you want to date, you probably have thought to yourself a time or two that there are no good men out there, but while you are browsing dating websites, you may be thinking to yourself that there are plenty of incredible men available to choose from. The universe hears what you are focused on but not what you think you want. Whatever you set your mind on is your reality, which, as it turns out, how you see the world.
So if you focus on the good guys that you come across, you will be able to appreciate when those good men cross your path. If you truly want Mr. Right to come into your life, you have to open yourself up and let him in.

The Why, What and How

Dating to date allows you the opportunity to surround yourself with the male energy and experience what you do and don’t want in a relationship with one. However, you are still missing out because you don’t fully understand why you want a man in your life. When you are able to understand why you want a man, then you can better prepare the how aspect of meeting him.

Picture Him in Your Life

When you are imagining your ideal man in your life, you are pulling him into existence. Sure, it may seem a little crazy, but create a vision board of your life for the next few years. You want to scour magazines and pull out pictures that speak to you. When you do this, you putting it out there in the universe of what it is that you want and it will come into existence.