Why Dating Is Ultimately Better In Your 40s

why dating over 40 is better

Your 20s are great for dating, but your 40s are even better. People in their 40s have successfully graduated from the partying and the one-night stands. They can now be in mature relationships that have a more serious agenda. So let’s see how dating in your 40s is ultimately better.

The Simple Times of Your 20s

Dating in your 20s was far simpler. You were still in college or a recent graduate, so there was no pressure to settle down in a serious relationship, as long as you had some healthy casual relationships that kept you and your manhood happy. Chances are you also had your parents supporting you financially, so dressing up nice for a date was not too much trouble. In a nutshell, dating was simpler than ever.

Women in their 20s are also less critical of the men they meet. With fewer expectations from women, men were free to be easy going idealists. The emphasis was mostly on being in a romantic relationship and not worrying about where it’s going. Couples were able to bond on the simple fascinations of life such as fear of the unknown future or sense of discovery in life. Being in the present was the perfect way to make a girl a notice you. And then came the 40s that changed everything drastically.

The Complicated Times of Your 40s

A decade can change a lot of things, including you. If you think back, would the women from your 20s, still date you now? Goals and ambitions change over time. Some people move on to settling down the traditional way, with 9 to 5 jobs, 2 adorable kids and a dog. While others pursue ambitious careers and most of their time is spent on a plane planning new projects.

Also, landing a date in your 40s in much different than it was in your 20s. Using tricks and pick up lines from your college days will only land you an eye roll, not a date. Now when you meet someone, your first ice breaker will be what you do for a living.

In a second, all your long-term plans are on the table and she is silently interviewing you for a serious-boyfriend position. It’s not like these women are gold diggers, but everyone expects some security. You can be the hero of a big financial firm, but at the end of the day you also have to display enough potential to be a good husband and father.

You need to have direction in your life and answering with, “I am still exploring my options,” is not going to help with the situation.

Being Confident Is Not Enough

You can’t just act nonchalant to attract women. Rather you have to bring something good to the table that will make it worth her time. You don’t need empty confidence; instead, you want your confidence to come from knowing where you are and where you want to go. So how is dating in your 40s ultimately better? It’s better because this is the time you get to choose that perfect woman who will make you happy beyond your imagination.