Why Single Moms Need to Expand Their Dating Horizons

single women should expand dating horizons

Throughout our lives, we know what we do and what we don’t like. We know we like this particular type of food and we cannot stand another. We know what kind of person we want to date and what kind we don’t find appealing at all. When it comes to men we want to date, single moms are even more stubborn and tend to be less-willing to stray away from what we like — even though they are missing out on some fantastic men outside of that specific type.

In today’s world, women are afforded the opportunity to meet a broader range of men then before, thanks to online dating sites. These sites allow you to scan through numerous profiles of men and women of all races, creeds, ethnicities, and so much more. Why would you continue to date your “type” if it never seemed to lead to anything good? Sure, you may think that it is just the man, which very well could be the case, but it could also be the type of man. Think about it. If you are a strong-willed woman who is very independent and have goals, you don’t want to date a man whose culture prefers docile women who are content with being stay at home moms.

Of course, your dating horizon doesn’t include the ethnicity of the man you’re dating. It can include things like world views, religion, what they do for a living… It could be anything.

Let’s say you come from a family who has always been very self-sufficient and enjoyed living off the land. This is how you grew up, this is what you know… Why, this is even what your children knows. With this kind of background, you may think that the man you spend the rest of your life with has to come from a similar background. But, what happens if you meet a great guy that you’re head over heels in love with, but his background is completely different? What if his family has never planted a seed in their lives, and they rely on technology too much for your liking? Would you leave the man because of this? Probably not. You’d probably find some kind of compromise so that you both are happy.

When you broaden your dating horizons, you are opening yourself up to new people with different life experiences. You are allowing someone else come into your life and shape it — sometimes for the better. Not only will your life be effected, but so will your children’s lives. By introducing someone who is different than your family unit, you are broadening their little minds. You are helping them be more accepting of other people’s differences, more willing to experience different things, and the understanding that just because you are different from the next person, it doesn’t make you better or worse than they are.

So, while you are sitting at home browsing the dating site for someone to date, take a moment to look at that guy who has a different skin tone, a different religious belief, a different social status. You never know how they will enhance your life.