Genius Ways to Survive Dating Over 50

dating at 50 tips and advice

Don’t give up on dating over 50! We have some genius ways you can prepare for dating over 50 and not lose your sanity in the process.

1. Become informed.

Dating today isn’t like dating when you were younger. The dating climate is so different; you would do well to educate yourself on all the things that 50+ singles need to know. There are plenty of dating resources that will help you on your journey to romance: books, CDs, coaches, courses, and a slew of online articles.

2. Have a dating “advisors.”

With this, we mean that you should have some people that you can turn to that will give you their honest opinion. These people are individuals that you should be able to go to and ask for a second opinion about the person you like. These people should be honest and candid about what they think about your date. Brace yourself because they may say stuff that you don’t like.

3. Put your best self forward.

At this stage of the dating game, there are going to be a lot of folks who are in the same situation. You know what that means—a lot of competition. When you are online, filling out your profile, you have to do it in a way that highlights all of your best qualities. You want people to be drawn in because you’re an amazing catch, and they won’t know that if your profile is lackluster!

4. Never settle.

At this age, we can’t hold out for that Prince Charming anymore. We have to make a few concessions and deal with a few flaws. The key is trying to figure out what things you can live with and what you can’t. With that said, you shouldn’t feel like you have to settle for just anyone who shows you a bit of attention. You’re worth more than that! If they don’t measure up to what you want, then move on to the next.

5. Lighten up a little bit.

When we are young, we take dating very seriously. So seriously, we thought that we had to get married and have a family, but now? Now that those “must dos” have been accomplished with someone else, you can now focus on enjoying dating and meeting new people. The end-result, now, is less about getting hitched and more about finding someone you connect with on multiple levels.

6. Protect yourself.

So, let’s say you are trying online dating. You’re going to want to take steps to make sure that your private information is secure. For example, keep your email private, and never give out identifying information such as what neighborhood you live in, your place of employment, what stores you frequent and the like.

When you do decide to meet up with them, make sure you meet in a public place and let people know where you are going and with whom. If you go on a longer date, like dinner, have someone call you so that they know you are alright.

With all of that said, dating in your 50s can be a fun experience if you give it a chance!