5 Tips to Get a 50+ Gentlemen Ask You Out For a Date

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You are not the only person to have hit 50 or crossed that threshold. The good news is that there are hundreds of men waiting for you to find them and become the center of their universe.

However, you yourself may be keeping these men from taking the first step towards a new dating adventure. If you want to go on a date to determine if your gentleman suitor is worthy of being with you, use the following five tips to work your magic on them:

1.Master the Art of Flirting

When it comes to attracting a man you like, your flirting skills matter more than ever. The last thing you need is for them to give others the wrong impression of your intentions. Besides, the tactics women employ at the age of 20 (such as flipping your hair or giggling) will not work here, especially since you are up against a gentleman.

What you need to learn is more age-appropriate tactics. An encouraging glance, a subtle brush of the hand or even an engaging smile can do wonders in attracting the attention of a man you are interested in. Even formal etiquette can be used to your advantage. So, hone your flirting skills according to your age and you will get a date soon.

2.Know When to Act Confident and When to Be Gentle

Women need to master the intricate art of showing off their confidence without stepping on men’s toes. While men love confident women, it’s only up to a certain limit. That’s because the last thing he wants is a strong woman to take control and be the dominant one in the relationship. So, if you are the nervous type, take a deep breath and take your self-confidence up a notch and if you are too confident, show him more of your gentle side.

3.Ask Him on a Date… Without Him Knowing It

Although asking the man for a date directly can prove successful, it can be extremely difficult and awkward. An indirect approach, however, can bring you much of the same results. Not to mention, it’s a far easier process as you get them to do what you want without actually proposing it. For example, you can say things like, “What are you doing this weekend?” or “I’m planning to go to the movies today.” Chances are they might plan something out with you for the weekend, or tag along while you go to the movies.

4.Be Attentive to What He Says

Regardless of their age, men want to be heard. You need to be able to listen to his complaints, his dreams and sentiments, whenever he decides to utter them. He may share a few gems that can help you make your way to his heart. On the other hand, listening to his words means you are interested in him, allowing you to make your way to their heart.

5.Be Aware of Your Body Language

Your body language also counts. Men will only approach you if they know you are open to meeting new people. An open body language and delightful personality shows you are interested in letting new people come into your life. And if you sit in a position where your free foot is pointing towards him, it’s likely he will come over to have a chat with you, and perhaps even ask you out!