What Do Older Women Really Look For When Dating?

what mature woman looking for in dating

We all have a desire to be loved, to find someone we want to share our hopes, dreams, and even fears with. We’ve got plenty of opportunities and options available that will help us find our loves. Be that as it may, there are many men who find it difficult to decipher what a woman who has lived a life time really wants in a partner.

Typically, younger women are interested in finding someone who can be a good provider and isn’t bad to look at. However, as an older woman, she’s probably established in her career and can provide for herself. Sure, looks don’t hurt, but they aren’t such a big priority anymore. As an older woman, you may find that she is more interested in finding someone who has similar core values and want the same things in life.

What’s surprising is that for whatever reason we find ourselves single at an older period in our lives, we date and look for partners with the same qualities we were searching for when we were younger.

You ought to understand that there isn’t a definitive right or wrong answer when it comes to what she is looking for, as every woman is different and have lived through different experiences. Some women want security while others want someone who wants to go out and have amazing adventures.

With that said, if you want to offer your heart to an older woman but you aren’t sure how to go about doing it, here are three ways to draw her attention and want to get to know you better.

  1. Exude confidence. Older women love men who know what they want. Confidence is attractive at any age; so when her man is able to handle everything that life has and will throw at him, she is even more drawn to him.
  2. Get her attention. Unlike younger women, older ladies aren’t impressed by that flashy car or that large wad in your wallet—she can get it herself if she already doesn’t have it. No, you have to get her attention some other way. Introduce her to your hobbies, your passions in life. You’ll want to brush up on certain topics of conversation like politics, current events, classic novels, and travel (among other topics).

If you haven’t done much in life because you focused solely on your career, feel free to tell her what you want to do, now that you are comfortable in your career and are in a position where you can relax.

  1. Compliment her assets. We aren’t saying that you have to barrage her with compliment after compliment, but you will want to dabble the compliment into the conversation from time to time. For example, if she is telling a really engaging story, you could tell her that you’re riveted and you can’t wait to find out what happens next. If the conversation is philosophical or controversial, tell her that you appreciate her opinion and she has given you some good points to think about.