Older Couples Give Love Advice


The dating world has changed considerably over the last few years but that doesn’t mean you can’t benefit from the romantic experiences of older couples. After all, a divorce rate hasn’t been higher and it’s these old couples that have maintained marriages for decades and are a lot more satisfied with their love lives.

So, let’s see what words of wisdom these oldies have to offer us, newbies.

“Don’t Hold Back Anything, Be Honest And Let The Person Know How You Feel. Tell Them What The Relationship Means To You.”

Lack of communication is a major reason relationships start circling the drain hole. Your partner can’t read your mind so at times it’s important that you sit down and talk out everything. When you make them feel they are important to you, there is no reason to even consider separation.

“Respect Each Other’s Space.”

Respecting each other’s space is the only way to maintain your own unique identity while still remaining partners. Everyone needs time for themselves and it’s important to find your path towards your goals. One can make their partner happy only when they are satisfied with their own lives.

“You Will Never Be Ready.”

Your partner or you will keep putting off things claiming that you are not ready for it. Maybe you are putting off your wedding till you find a better job opportunity or maybe you are putting off parenthood till you are financially stable. While these “waiting periods” are sometimes good and no one should rush into making big decisions, but the clock is ticking. You don’t want to be 60 when your kid goes off to college. So, prepare yourself for these milestones that are important for your romantic relationship.

“Remind Yourself Why It’s Worth It”

All couples experience obstacles and this is when your relationship is truly tested. It’s during these tough times that you have to make a choice between fight and flight. So, how do you know if the fights and compromises are worth it? Think back to your worst dating experiences and see how happy you are now.

“Affection Breeds More Affection.”

Physical and emotional intimacy is what differentiates a romantic relationship from all other relationships. As you get older, it can get easy to grow out of your affectionate habits and many couples even stop having intimacy once they hit 50. Lack of physical intimacy can make you feel distant from each other and that’s why it’s important to maintain it. Kiss each other good morning, cuddle before sleeping and have lots of love!

“Turn A Blind Eye To The Little Flaws.”

Does he leave a wet towel on the bed every single morning? Does she nag you to pick up the towel every single morning? Nobody’s perfect, not even you. If you are making compromises, so are they. Would you throw away a relationship because of something so menial? Always look at the big picture and let go of the little things you can easily live with.