10 Things to Know About Dating a Woman in Her 40s

  1. She’s confident.
    We all know that confidence is sexy, and a woman in her 40s is the epitome of confidence. She knows that she’s a great catch the way she is and any insecurities she may have had when she was younger, they are long gone now.
  2. She can handle her ish.
    A woman in her 40s has her ducks in a row and can tackle any problem with poise and elegance. Or, at the very least she can handle her own in new social situations.
  3. She doesn’t have to go to keg parties to have a good time.
    Gone are the days where she used to love going to raging keggers to have a good time. At her age, she knows a few good lounges and has a favorite cocktail that is decidedly more grown up than that red dixie cup.
  4. She has more control over her schedule.
    By this point in her life, she has made her mark in life and has some clout in her career. She’s got responsibilities and may have to put in long hours, but she certainly isn’t the lowest person on the seniority list so she should be able to have her say in her schedule.
  5. She doesn’t flip out over every single thing.
    Younger women tend to have minor melt downs when something doesn’t always go according to plan. The older women get, the better they are at rolling with what life hands them. So you can rest easy in knowing that she won’t call you crying about work drama (unless it is serious).
  6. She doesn’t take herself too seriously.
    Women in their 40s are past that stage where everything has to be all or nothing and she understands the importance of letting your hair down and having fun every now and then. This is especially useful for those nights when you come home in a bad mood and need some cheering up.
  7. She doesn’t have time to play games.
    She’s got enough going on in her life that she simply doesn’t have time for games. She knows what she wants and she knows how to go about getting it.
  8. She doesn’t have time to play your games, either.
    If you come at her with some kind of ulterior motive, you better think again because she will see straight through you. She’s has plenty of experience with men and she can spot a player a mile away. So don’t try spitting some game on this lady because she will say “Bye” before you can even finish your game.
  9. If she’s seeing you, it’s because there is something special about you.
    You should know that if you’re dating a woman in her 40s, you can consider yourself special because she won’t waste her time on anyone less than. She is looking for someone who is competent and someone who is already on the path to success, rather than someone who has potential to do great things.
  10. She is amazing in bed.
    The 40 year old woman is comfortable with her body and she knows how to tell you exactly what she wants and needs in the sack, thanks to all that experience. If you really want incredible intimacy, opt for a woman in her 40s.