The First Thing Women Look For When Searching For ‘The One'


A lot of men think they know what a woman is looking for when she says she’s trying to find the right guy. It’s true that the ladies are searching for a specific quality, but it isn’t any of the things that guys assume it to be.

You know, money, looks material possession, or even status among the community. No, when it comes what a woman wants in her dream man, it all boils down to one thing and one thing alone:

That’s right fellas, all she’s looking for is a man who exudes confidence. The thing is, a lot of men ruin their chances with women because they show that they are not confident when they appear to be nervous when approaching a woman or when they show how immature they are and how insecure they really are.
These men are too quiet, they don’t make eye contact, and they stumble over their words. Perhaps worst of all, any attempt to be charming or funny just falls flat.

All of these things shows a woman just how unconfident they are in themselves and that they may not even be able to fulfill their own needs. To which women will automatically wonder how the men could ever hope to fulfill her needs.

Of course, then you have the confident men who wear their inner strength on their sleeve. They know how to communicate with women, they use correct body language cues, they are funny and engaging, and they can make decisions both thoughtfully and logically.

The very essence of a confident guy is enough to get women interested and intrigued. Once they get a whiff of a man who exudes confidence, she’ll be on him like white on rice.

You know how people are always searching for that ever elusive thing called “chemistry?” This chemistry is essential for making a relationship work, and conveniently, confidence is a key component in it. When a couple has chemistry, it is an unspoken promise from the man to the woman that he will always be:

In control and protective. A guy who is emotionally capable and prepared to deal with a relationship knows exactly what to say and do in any sort of situation. You can always rely on him to keep you out of harm’s way.

Exciting in all the right ways. You can trust that this man will be passionate and mature, embrace spontaneity but still be responsible.

Capable of success within the relationship and in life. This guy understands what it takes to keep a woman happy and still balance his personal life so that he, too, is happy.
A man’s confidence is crucial for a relationship, and when a woman feels a man is confident and not cocky, she’s going to want to dig deeper and discover all that she can about him.