Learn How to Communicate with Men Effectively

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How many times have you sat down with your man in an effort to communicate something important to him, yet it felt like he simply wasn’t understanding what you were saying? It can be very frustrating and make you wonder if you are speaking a foreign language. You needn’t feel like that anymore.

As you read this article, you will learn effective methods of communicating with your man and become a “man whisperer.”

The Mistakes

When women try to communicate with me, they often make severe mistakes that will almost always result in the man pulling away and not wanting to hear what she has to say. These mistakes include:

  • Putting him down when he does/says something
  • Demanding that he do something, instead of asking
  • Nagging

Every man wants to feel like they do a good job and even when they don’t, you don’t want to nag at him and tell him all the things he’s done wrong. Instead, when you at least show your appreciation when he tries to make you happy, he will be more willing to try even harder the next time.

The Science of Communication

You are already well aware that communicating with a man is a bit more challenging than if you were communicating with your lady friends. This is because a guy’s brain is hard-wired differently and they simply do not communicate the same way. You cannot assume that he will understand your mood, tone, and body language. Instead, guys need a clear directive phrased in a way that makes him want to take action.
The trick of becoming a man whisperer is that focusing on what you, as the woman, wants. You have to phrase your request so that he doesn’t feel threatened or criticized, but inspired and feel like he can take on anything. How do you do this?

  • Identify the problem
  • Learn to address the problem effectively
  • Let him try to fix the problem
  • Reward him for fixing the problem—or at least attempting to do so.

When you are using these 4 key elements of becoming an exceptional communicator, you have to also be wary of your tone and body language. This means you shouldn’t have your voice raised and you certainly shouldn’t be standing in a confrontational stance; like with your hands on your hips or your arms crossed over your chest. When you are communicating with a man, you should smile so they understand that they aren’t being reprimanded or scolded. This encourages them to listen to what you’re saying and try to make you happy.

If you’re in a relationship and you feel like your man isn’t listening to you, it’s never too late to start using these techniques. These techniques work whether it is the first date, or if you’ve been married for decades. One of the main elements in this is to trust in yourself and continue to follow these five simple steps. The process of becoming a better communicator with men isn’t about winning or getting what you want, but it is a way to make the relationship more fulfilling for both you and him.