7 Reasons to Start Mature Dating Over 40

how to start mature dating over 40

Many people make the mistake in thinking that the older you get, the more complicated dating is. While this may be the case from the time you’re 20-35, it’s most definitely not the case once you’re past 40. Here’s a list to show you that there’s still hope, and lots of it!

1) Finances are no problem

By the time people reach the age of 40, most have a stable job and their lives on track. Being financially stable adds a new dynamic to the world of dating – the possibilities are endless! Spontaneous trips, fancy dinners, and spoiling each other for no real reason are now all things you can do without having to feel guilty or tirelessly save for. Who doesn’t want a buddy to check off some things on their bucket list with?

2) You’ve learned your lessons

At this age, you’ve had your fair share of relationships. You’ve seen the good, the bad, and the ugly sides of love and are now able to confidently navigate through the rough waters of it. No longer will you ever let someone mistreat you, take advantage of you, or control you. No, you know when it’s real and when it’s not, and you know how to end things like a grown-up adult.

3) You’re your own person

When we’re younger and the world is still quite new and confusing, we often run into the arms of the wrong person is desperate search of some comfort. Now though, you’re quite settled into the ways of life, which means you can focus on finding someone who’s right for you, not just someone who’s available.

4) The club was never a good time anyway

After 40, most people have outgrown their clubbing days – and thank the heavens for that! Looking back, did any of us really enjoy those sloppy nights of yelling over loud, annoying music and taking home a last resort one night stand? Well, those days are over now, and many people over 40 can shamelessly agree that they would much rather a fancy dinner followed by a night of cuddling on the couch than a night at the club. Getting older brings with it a much more ideal world of dating, that’s for sure!

5) There’s no rush

Pressure to get married and have kids tends to taper off at this age, which means you can finally let the relationship run its natural course. I’m sure we’ve all, maybe without even knowing it, thrust our love upon someone who was completely wrong for us in the end in hopes to get hitched before our biological clocks stopped ticking. This time around though, you can be as serious or as casual as you want, which allows you to simply focus on having fun with your person of interest.

6) There’s more passion

Maturity has granted us many great qualities – one of these being a greater depth of feeling. We’ve all done a great deal of deep, philosophical thinking by this point, and it’s made us more interesting as well as more passionate. This passion has been known to cross-over to the world of dating, which makes everything feel just that much more wonderful.

7) It’s mature dating

Bottom line – you and your partner have really gained some much needed wisdom and knowledge over the years. Dating over 40 means less games, less wasting time, and a lot less stupidity. Mature dating is smart dating, and if you haven’t tried it before, you’ll be quite pleasantly surprised. Dating someone who has a head on their shoulders as much as you do is a nice change, to say the least!