Couples Married for Over 40 Years Reflect On How They Did It

Couples Married for Over 40 Years Advice

The divorce rates have never been higher and a relationship that lasts for more than a decade is considered an achievement. In a new relationship, the lust and passion are there, but as soon as it dries down, it gets hard for couples to maintain the spark that they once felt.

A truly successful relationship is one that lasts forever and is, in essence, the definition of true love. Let’s take a look at how these couples managed to stay married for over 40 years:

Value Your Shared and Individual Interests

A couple married for almost 46 years says that when they started dating, they talked about all their mutual interests. They discussed every aspect of their future life, such as beliefs, goals, and children. However, as time went on, their interests and values changed, but they kept their relationship alive by adapting to these changes. Things that they were once excited to do together, no longer spiked interest. Instead of getting distant, they gave each other time to pursue their own individual interests. This made both of them happy and eventually they started participating in each other’s hobbies. The main thing to take away from this love story is that couples need to adapt to change.

Don’t Keep Divorce as an Option

Another couple who recently celebrated their 58th anniversary tells us that they got married in their late teens. It is no news that people who get married young never last. It is hard to manage a marriage at a time when you should be focusing on college and career. This couple, however, stuck together through all their hardships.

They treated their marriage as an inseparable bond. Divorce comes about because couples actually view divorce as an option. They don’t prioritize their marriage over petty issues and as soon as hardships come in, they flee from each other. This couple of 58 years proudly boasts about their four children, nine grandchildren, and seven great-grandchildren. Their words of wisdom are complete commitment through thick and thin.

Communicate and Offload Your Emotional Baggage

A woman who just celebrated her 47th anniversary with her husband claims that the number one pitfall in a relationship is a communication gap. When couples don’t communicate, they don’t know what is upsetting their partner. Many divorced couples don’t even know why and how they got divorced. They were willing to separate from their partner than discussing their problems. On the other hand, there are many successful relationships that have even experienced infidelity. However, by discussing problems and actually finding a common ground, you can save your relationship.

What makes you think that the unresolved issues you have now won’t occur in future relationships? To combat communication problems, talk out matters right after they happen. Never carry emotional baggage as it will only make you resent your partner. The important thing to take away from this couple’s example is that communication is the key to a successful relationship.

So, there is much to learn from the insights shared by couples who have been married for over 40 years!