How to Create an Amazing Mature Dating Profile

mature woman dating

If you’re just beginning your mature dating experience, it’s natural to have a few questions on how to create a profile that draws people in. We have some expert tips from a popular dating website that will help you craft that perfect profile that’ll help you lure that perfect someone in and have him wanting to learn more about you.

1. Know who you are looking for. Before you start creating that profile, you should take some time to consider what type of person you want to date. This exercise can be as simple as jotting down a few characteristics you’re looking for, or you can even concoct an imaginary person who exemplifies everything that you want and keep them in mind as you write your profile.
Keep in mind that during this process you will have to keep your expectations within the realm of possibility. This means you shouldn’t expect that a prince from a faraway land will stumble on your profile and will want to make you a princess.

2. Learn to tell a story. Telling a story with your profile will go much further than just listing qualities and traits that you do or do not want in a person (in fact, let’s just say that you shouldn’t say anything negative on your profile). Your profile should paint a picture that makes people want to experience for themselves.
For example, if you are talking about your ideal date, you don’t want to say something as bland as walking on the beach. Instead, talk about the sand between your toes, listening to the water lap onto the beach, while holding each other’s hand. The better you can describe the experience, the better people will be able to envision themselves in that vision.

3. Be proud of who you are. Many people are under the assumption that dating after 50 is a fruitless task and the only way you can hope to attract a partner is if you lie about your age and post a picture from 10 years ago. While a younger picture may get you more attention, the truth will eventually come out, as you are going to have to meet these people eventually, and once they see that they’ve been duped by a misleading photograph, you can pretty much kiss your chances for a relationship out the window.

4. Discuss your passions instead of hobbies.
One of the most common mistakes singles make when creating a profile is to talk about hobbies rather than discussing their passions. You might mention that you enjoy sailing, but unless you give it some context like you go sailing every weekend, people will think you’ve only sailed once or twice in your life. By giving some back story to your interests, they have a better understanding of who you are and what you really enjoy doing.

5. Avoid using clichés. Even if you do enjoy long walks in the park or watching the sunset, you should avoid saying these things in your profile. The name of the game is to stand out from the crowd and you can’t really do that if you are one of the million who say the same thing. Instead, be creative and come up with interesting things like you create stop-animation movies or you collect vintage lunch boxes.