Is It a No-No to Use an Older Photograph on a Mature Dating Profile

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Ladies who browse an over 50 dating website find it to be an emotional roller coaster, partially because they may haven’t been on a date in ages but also because they are putting themselves back out there for the world to see and judge.

In these situations, you might feel like you can fib a bit about your age and pull out that picture where you are absolutely stunning—after all, who doesn’t want to appeal to as many single men as they can? The only problem with this is that particular picture is actually ten years old and you don’t look quite the same. You may have a few more wrinkles, gained a bit of weight, and maybe your style has changed from what is in the photo.

By posting an inaccurate photograph on your profile, you are giving people a false expectation of the person that they are meeting. Imagine their surprise when they meet someone who looks similar to the picture but isn’t quite what they were expecting. You can bet that they’ll feel some type of way and they may even want to end the date prematurely. After all, if you lied about how you look, they may wonder what else you’ve lied about.

How to Take an Incredible Photograph for Your Mature Dating Profile:

1. Smile. One of the most important things you can do to make your photographs stand out is by flashing that award winning smile! Studies show that men are drawn to profiles of women who are smiling and find them much more attractive than any other facial expression. This means leave the quirky grins for the family photos!
2. Show Your Passions. You can’t go wrong with posting a picture of you doing something that you are passionate about. If you enjoy playing the piano, post a picture of yourself with your piano. If you enjoy reading the classics, choose a photograph where you are in front of your book collection. By choosing a picture that shows what you’re passionate about, people can get a glimpse of what you enjoy and perhaps they may share a common passion.
3. Socialize! Most dating websites allow you to have several pictures on your profile. Although you may not want to make a picture with several others in it as your primary profile picture, it doesn’t hurt having a social photograph on there. This lets others know that you are a personable woman who enjoys hanging out with other people.
4. Choose a High Quality Photograph. You don’t want to choose a picture that is grainy and was taken in horrible lighting. While you may not have to splurge on a headshot taken by a photographer, it is recommended that you pay attention to the quality. Many smartphones feature a high resolution camera so taking a selfie is a good option, but we recommend that you have a friend or a family member take a picture for you. You can do things like wear some make up and stand in natural sunlight to make your profile picture truly stand out.