What’s So Wrong About Older Men Dating Younger Women?

older man younger woman dating

As we look throughout history, it is a very common thing to find older men seeking and dating younger women, despite it not always being the most ideal situation. People who are at different stages in their lives have different needs and in order to fulfill those needs, sometimes it is best to stick with someone your own age. Or is it? We suggest that you understand what dating an older man consists of and think carefully of what you want in a relationship before you consider dating an older man.

Cultural Difference

Depending on the age difference between you and your older man, he may have grown up in a different decade than you have. This age difference can mean that he enjoys different music, movies, television shows—why he may even have different views on life. Your interests could be different and they may not even be willing to try anything new. You may find it difficult forging a deeper connection between your older man because of these differences, which can greatly hinder your chances of having a fulfilling relationship.

Unwilling to Commit

If you were hoping to settle down and start a family one day, you may want to think your desire to date an older man. He may have already gone that route and now he is hesitant to get into another serious relationship. If he is open to the idea of marriage, he may not be interested in having children—especially if he already has older children. Often times, older men who have adult or older children may feel like his Daddy duties are over and he may not be willing to go through them again.

He Wants to Teach

Older men have a lot of experience under their belts, this is part of the appeal about them. However, this also means that they may feel like they know what’s best and they may want to try and teach you how to live your life. Although you may be younger, you should never settle for a man who feels like they can dictate how you live your life and the choices you make. You want to be in a relationship where you are seen as an equal, not someone who needs to be molded and shaped.

They Only Like Younger Women

Sometimes older men really only prefer to date younger women. If you come across a man who says he only dates women under a particular age, you need to find out why. There is going to be a time when you cross that threshold and you need to know if he is dating you for the long haul or if he intends on dropping you like a sack of potatoes once you hit that specific age. No one wants to feel like they are being replaced with a newer model, and sometimes younger women who date older men find that this the exactly the case. Find out early on about his past relationships and how long they lasted before your heart gets too invested into this older guy.