Honest Reasons Why You’ll Feel Sexier at 50 Than Ever Before

how to feel sexy at 50

It’s a long battle to learn how to love your body and love yourself.

Upon turning 50, you might discover that you feel much more at peace with yourself and how you look. All around you, you may hear women complain about missing the way the looked when they were half this age. You know how it goes, they complain about their slender figures pre-babies and the like. However, it shouldn’t be that way. Here’re four reasons why you’ll want to embrace yourself and your body now.

1. You can love your body now.

When you’re younger, you’re constantly struggling with body issues. You might be on a constant cycle of dieting, picking apart your flaws, and lamenting over how your teenage body was so supple. However, now that you’re 50, you can look back on your younger self and might even laugh at how ridiculous you were, because in truth, it never mattered how fit and thin you were, you were never happy.

Now at 50, you can embrace your body and everything it’s been through.

2. Your body has provided you with a wonderful life.

Maybe you have children. Maybe you’ve overcome an illness, and you’re stronger than ever. Whatever it is, your body is still going strong. Sometimes people take their bodies and all that they’ve gone through for granted. For example, some people take giving birth and breastfeed their children as no big deal, but for those women who cannot do those things, you might be surprised how quickly they’d trade places with you.

In short, be grateful for your body and all that it has done/been through up until this point.

3. You needn’t worry so much about your appearance.

We aren’t saying that you are going to turn into a slob, but we are saying that you are much more relaxed about what you wear, how you look, and most definitely other people’s opinions about your appearance. You’ve been on this planet for 50 years, you’ve earned the right to enjoy that brownie and skip a workout after a long day at work. If you want to go to the mall in your sweatpants, you do it. Why? Because you’re confident with the person that you are, and that’s sexy!

4. You trust others to love you for more than just your appearance.

Your partner is still by your side, your kids love you, and your friends are ever the loyal comrades. Your parents haven’t disowned you, and your dog is always ecstatic to see you when you walk through the door. All in all, you’re surrounded by people (and pets!) who love you for the person that you are, not for your appearance.

At your age, we recommend that you look back to your younger years and be happy. Those younger years were great, but being 50 and beyond is just as fantastic—especially because now you can enjoy life without fretting over your appearance.