Do Men Over 50 Only Want Younger Women?

older men and younger women

Nowadays, most single men in their 50s feel free to date women from a wide range of age groups. However, more often than not, they get intrigued, aroused, and attracted by younger women. This makes us wonder does hooking up with someone 20 years younger help them tap into their own personal fountain of youth. Do they not care about maturity? Or are they in it just for a fling? Well, continue reading to find the answers!

Why Do Men Over 50 Want Younger Women?

To start off, opposites attract! We don’t know if it’s the society or the modern age, but many older men want to feel young again. They need someone who can make them feel youthful and keep them active. Instead of looking for women their age or who meets their level of maturity, they consider dating someone who is far younger. It may make certain men appear like “sugar daddies”, but after spending so many years restricted (acting mature all the time), they need someone who they can open up to and have fun with.
They may not get this feeling with women of the same age (hence their preference for dating only younger women). However, even if they do date younger women, the difference in values and views often leads to conflict. Subsequently, they are open to the idea of dating women their age too. In fact, many older men have this idea of what they “want”, but they will always look for women their own age and even pursue them (if they feel attracted to them, that is). Keep in mind, men will be men and they will always go after the woman who looks more attractive.
So, do men over 50 only want to date younger women? Yes, they do! But do they want to date older women or women of the same age? Yes, again! They would definitely want to date a woman of the same age, but only if they find them incredibly attractive. This means, the problem for most women is they post pictures online which make them look old! This alone can keep men from ever looking at a woman’s profile, regardless of her age. However, if a woman looks appealing to an older man, chances are he will contact her.
Final verdict – Not all men are looking for younger women to date. Most of them are only looking for an attractive female to date and spend quality time together!