Reasons Why Women Date Older Men


While dating guys of your own age is compelling, it can get frustrating to deal with the partying, booze, foul language, poor punctuality and other traits that come with the new generation of men. Maybe it’s time to make a change in your dating standards by going out with someone older who you can expect to be a polished gentleman.

Let’s look at five reasons why women usually date older men:

Older Men Are Mature

They are confident in themselves and nothing makes them insecure. They have an established sense of who they are and what they want. They are not desperate to prove themselves or make efforts to impress you. They know how to be romantic and their idea of a perfect date is not going to be at a McDonald’s with the bill split two ways. Hanging out with his friends will also be more pleasant because it will probably include fancy dinners and luxurious weekend getaways. Lastly, older men have probably been through many relationships, so they know what obstacles to avoid.

Older Men Are More Established

They have an established career and they are not struggling to graduate or find a job. He probably has his own place to live, a car and a credit card. While you don’t want to be a gold-digger, it is nice to be in a relationship where financial troubles are at bay. If your relationship gets serious, you will feel comfortable introducing him to your parents as well. You can expect him to be a complete gentleman and not worry about foul language or inappropriate dressing.

Older Men Are Better At Sex

He is a well-experienced guy in bed. By now he knows what women will and won’t like. When dating an older man, you won’t have to teach him how to climb the ropes. And unlike some horny guy in his twenties, you can expect him to be a perfect gentleman who actually knows what foreplay is for. They know that pleasure can be achieved in more ways than just mere intercourse. You can be sure of being sexually satisfied.

Older Men Can Provide Better Perspective

Older men have travelled and experienced things that their younger counterparts have yet to achieve and you can take advantage of their wisdom and knowledge. When making a big decision, you can run it by them for better advice and perspective. Plus, they have already been through all struggles of life which means you can look up to them for support and motivation. Lastly, since they are more knowledgeable, you will never run out of things to talk about.

Older Men Are Not Afraid Of Commitment

Older men are in a place where they are ready to settle down and have a family. Plus, most women in their demographic pool have been long married with kids and being young, you are already out of their league. All these factors make older men more compatible for long-term relationships.

These are some reasons why women date older men. You should consider the option too!