5 Behaviors That Turn Men Off and How to Stop Them

mature women

Some women find it naturally easy to relate to men and they may even have more male friends than female friends. While this is great and all, sometimes it just will not bode well for your love life. In fact, sometimes it can actually hurt your chances with the men because you may exhibit some behaviors that just are not appealing to the men. The sad thing is, women may not even realize they are doing anything wrong.

Here are 5 behaviors that you may be doing that could be turning the men off and how you can change them.

1. Get in touch with your femininity.

We understand 100 percent that sometimes in order to get stuff done, you have to look the part and that may require a great power suit. While these functional suits can be quite fashionable, the truth is they make you look more masculine then most men are comfortable with. Don’t be afraid to be a strong woman but still have a girly side. When you have a softer look about you, men are more likely to approach you and be there to help support you.

2. Flipping the personality switch.

Sometimes women feel like they have to be two different people when it comes to their professional life and their dating life. Ladies, let us tell you that there is no switch nor should you feel like there has to be. The way you can truly harness your power as a woman is to learn how to relate to men so that they will want to work with you rather than compete against you.

3. Realize you are not one of the men.

Ladies, you have one magical phrase in your arsenal that will almost always work on a man—“I need your help”. You can use this phrase anywhere and you can almost bet that the man in question will come to your “rescue” no questions asked. It’s interesting to learn that while most women consider asking for help a sign of weakness, most men say that it isn’t a sign of weakness at all. In fact, they would much rather be asked for their help rather than have you demand that they help you out. Being nice and polite goes a long way!

4. Drop the shield around your heart.

Being emotionless is typically seen as a masculine trait and although men complain about a woman’s emotional roller coaster, the truth is they wouldn’t have it any other way. Men want a woman who is willing to show her vulnerability and has an open heart. When you show that you’re vulnerable, you are making a man feel like you need him in your world, and that is a very good sign.

5. Replace masculine phrases with feminine ones.

When we say this, we mean phrases like “I think” or “I believe” and replace it with emotional phrases like “I feel” or “I love”. It shows a softer side that he may not be used to seeing.