5 Rules 21st Century Men Should Follow When Dating a Modern Woman


If you ask your grandfather or even your father, what it was like to date when they were younger, some of the rules they “had” to follow are quite different than you may experience; and because it is so different, daters may be confused about how to approach dating. They aren’t sure if they should adhere to the methodology of dating that they were taught by their parents, or if they should turn to the internet for tips.

Chances are you are interested in dating a modern woman and will require a different approach to dating than what your elders may suggest. We have created a short list of 5 rules you should follow when you want to have better luck dating.

  1. Check your presence on the internet.

Nowadays, prior to going out with someone new, your date will do a quick Google search on you, so you will want to make sure your internet presence isn’t anything too unflattering. The image you project on social media will be your first impression and anything that is on there could be damning. If you find unsavory pictures of yourself on the internet, access your old accounts and delete them (or make them private) and if people tagged you, ask that they remove the tag. Or, if you don’t want to go through all of that, be ready to do some explaining.

  1. Have ‘The Talk’ about who pays.

There once was a time long ago (okay, not that long ago) where men were expected to pay for dinner, and if he didn’t the date was a flop. However, today’s woman is surprising and will offer to split the bill or pay for the whole thing. If she offers to pay, you can say that you’d like to pay, or at least, split the bill. Sometimes women will test you and see if you will make her pay while there are other women who genuinely want to pay.

  1. Carefully time the follow-up.

Before, it would be bad form if you were to contact your date before the customary three-day rule. However, in today’s world there is no designated time you must wait. Instead, it is a little more intricate. If there is a strong connection between you and your date, you can send a text thanking her for a fun evening within the first few hours after the date ended—but don’t say more than that! You don’t want to come off as pushy or over eager. After you send the thank you text, you may want to wait a day or two to send another message. Just keep in mind, the longer you make her wait, the more she will think you aren’t interested.

  1. Classic communication is more special.

We do most of our communication via text, email, or some other outlet. We rarely use our smartphones for what they are—a phone. If you really want to show the woman you’re interested in how special she is to you, give her a call. She will be delighted to hear you say that you are thinking about her rather than reading it.

  1. Talk about exclusivity.

The dating landscape of today makes it possible for people to meet countless people they may be interested in. If you want to be assured that the woman you are seeing isn’t seeing anyone else, talk about exclusivity. We aren’t saying you have to put a ring on it, just let her know that you aren’t seeing anyone else and would like for her not to, either.