10 Resolutions for Finding Love After 50 in 2016

find love over 50

You may have had some lofty resolutions in mind when the clock struck midnight on January 1st, but they may not have pertained to your love life. Here are some resolutions that are never too late to start, and they may help ensure that you don’t spend 2016 alone.

Resolution #1 – If 2015 was a bummer for you and you want to shed the husk of a person you were, there is no time like today to embrace a new you. Treat yourself to a well-deserved make-over, be it a new hair style, a new outfit, or maybe a gym membership to help tone up. Whatever you choose to do, you’ll find that it’ll stoke that inner glow that men seem to be hyper sensitive to.

Resolution #2 – Create a dating blueprint to help you decide what you are looking for in a partner and how you can go about finding that right person.

Resolution #3 – Go on dates this year with the sole intention of getting to know someone new. When you take the pressure out of dating and strip it to its bare bones, you’ll be able to enjoy the process so much more. No one really wants to start evaluating someone’s long-term goals on the first date, right?

Resolution #4 – Give yourself a chance to learn what a guy really wants. You can do this by researching some of the best match making tips available online, or you could even enlist the help of a professional relationship coach. The choice is yours.

Resolution #5 – Hone your skills of flirtation by talking to and smiling at people wherever you go. The only way you can truly be an effective flirt is if you practice, practice, practice!

Resolution #6 – Understand that man are sexual creatures and when they see someone they are incredibly attracted to, they are going to do their best to try and sleep with you. Instead of being turned off by their advances, understand this and realize it is okay to set boundaries.

Resolution #7 –  This year, instead of trying to change the things that you aren’t happy with, embrace the person you are 100%. In your morning affirmations, instead of saying “I’m awesome, but…” just leave it at “I am awesome.”

Resolution #8 – Give the nice guy a chance this year. Too often we overlook Mr. Nice Guy because he doesn’t ooze sex appeal like we had hoped, but if you give him a chance, you may find that he could be perfect for you.

Resolution #9 – Find and try at least three new activities that you’ve always wanted to try. You’ll discover a new zest for life that you may not have had before and it’ll be a great way to pass the time in between dates. Also, who knows, you may even meet someone to date!

Resolution #10 – Consider broadening your scope of potential dating partners. Instead of going for the same type of guy you would date year after year, try dating someone new. Who knows what new experiences they may introduce you to that you could fall in love with.