3 Things That Kill Your Dating Life and How To Revive It

over 40 dating

If you’re over 40 and you feel like your dating life is suffering, here are three culprits that are responsible for it. Fortunately, you can breathe life back into your dating life with a bit of help.

1. Your dating life falls flat when you’re missing your mojo.

If you’ve been in your line of work for any length of time, it’s only natural that you are going to feel extremely confident in what you do. Why wouldn’t you? You’ve learned all there is to know, you’ve been a strong member of the team for a long time and you may have even helped shape the work place into what it is now. For all that confidence you may feel at the job, it doesn’t always translate into other aspects of your life, such as dating.
Women over 40 and find themselves dating again after a period of time often feel like they are floundering when it comes to their dating lives because they simply feel out of place. The key to making it as an attractive single woman venturing back into the world of dating is to realize that you are the whole package—you’ve got the life experience, you’ve got wisdom and the passion for life that most young ladies don’t have yet. You have to use these things to your advantage and let the men know how awesome you are.

2. You’re looking for a dashing older man, but you’re sorely disappointed.

Too frequently we are looking for our very own silver fox but the men you seem to attract are nowhere close to the men that you want to be dating. This is probably the biggest problem women over 40 have when it comes to dating. She wants someone who is like a George Clooney, but refuses to accept that most men over 40 aren’t going to look this way. Once you come to terms with the reality that most men feel the effects of time just like you do, the more accepting you will be to dating a man who may have a bit of a gut or who may not have a full head of hair. These older gentlemen could surprise you, as they may be more fun, caring, and attentive then you would ever give them credit for.

3. You expect instant chemistry when determining whether you want to go out with a man again.

Chemistry is a hormonal release that began way back in the days of cavemen and it indicated someone was a viable mate for ensure the longevity of the species. Today, we don’t have to rely on hormonal things like that, especially if you are past the baby-making stage of your life. Be that as it may, people still look for that chemistry when looking for a mate. Instead of focusing on that instant chemistry, perhaps you should pay attention to how the person makes you feel. Do they support you and your decisions? Do they want to build a life with you? Do they challenge you to be your best? These are things that you should look for when considering who you want to be with while dating in your 40s.