Valentine’s Day Got You Down, Ladies?


On a regular basis, the single life isn’t so bad. You can come and go as you please, do the things you like to do, hang out with friends all hours of the night, even walk around your home being as disgusting as you’d like. However, there is one particular day of the year where you are forced to deal with your singledom and it isn’t always an easy pill to swallow.

Many single women dread it, especially when they are bombarded with storefronts with Valentine’s Day gift ideas, your social media is filled with couples who are sooooo in love and they want to proclaim that love every day, and it even feels like the television and radio stations are out to remind you that you, my dear, are a lonesome dove.

Be that as it may, Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to hang heavily on your mind. Why, in truth it shouldn’t even bring you down. Yes, you may not have someone special in your life to shower you with roses and bring you heart shaped boxes of candy, but you have to remember that Valentine’s Day isn’t just about romantic love, it is about all love. You have plenty of people in your life who love you and you should remember to show them how much you care for them too.

Of course, there is nothing wrong with pampering yourself as well. After all, in order to truly love someone, you have to first love yourself, right? Right!

Here are some fabulous ways that you can stop dreading Valentine’s Day and embrace the holiday for love and appreciation.

  1. Pamper Yourself

Starting with self-love, there is no better way to make sure you are feeling your best by pampering yourself. You can do this by going to a day spa, catching up on that latest book from your favorite author, buy a new outfit—whatever it is that brings you joy, get out there and do it.

  1. Take Time Out to Help Others

Sometimes the people who need love the most are often overlooked and aren’t in the best position in their lives. By taking a few hours of your day and giving back to the community in some small way, you are helping others to remember that there are people who do care. Sometimes, all these people need is that reminder to help them get back on their feet. It’s usually the small things that make the biggest mark on a person.

  1. Celebrate with Family and Friends

Whether you host a Valentine’s Day dinner with those who are closest to you, or you make a group reservation, what better way is there to spend the holiday than with some of your closest friends and family. You can plan to make as formal or as relaxed as you’d like. The real purpose of the gathering is to bring everyone you hold dear together and enjoy their company as one big unit.